Fruits and vegetables power great-tasting and, nutrient-laden snacking, but fresh foods perish fast, and store-bought dried foods typically loaded with additives and preservatives.

Dehydrators offer ease for preserving fruits, vegetables and herbs. Foods dried in the Dehydrator taste every bit as good as their fresh counterparts, and the low drying heat means food retains nearly 100 percent of the nutrients for years.

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  • P300 Dehydrator
    P300 Dehydrator
  • P200 Dehydrator
    Quickly and economically transform leftover fruit and vegetables into delicious, nutrient-rich snacks that will keep for years with the P200 Dehydrator.
    $459 $339
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  • P100 Dehydrator
    P100 Dehydrator

    • Transform fruits & vegetables
      into delicious & nutrient-rich snacks
    • Preserve a wide range of additive-free
      fruit, vegetables, and even herbs
    • Create great-tasting and healthy snacks with
      no sugar, sweeteners and other preservatives
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Parallaex Drying System

allows an efficient and even airflow with no cross-flavour contamination between trays. Also, darkened trays help preserve light-sensitive nutrients in food.


equipped with a 40-hour digital timer, adjustable thermostat and comprehensive drying guide. The P200 Dehydrator is available in 6 trays or 10 trays offering the convenience to dehydrate in larger portions.
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